Another Alfa Romeo 6C Sports Coupe Design Concept

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Even though Alfa Romeo been heavily neglected over the years, it continues to have a special place in the heart of car enthusiasts as well as people already working (Ferdinand Piech, we're looking at you) or aspiring to work, in the auto industry.

Alfa Romeo 6C Concept

Alfa Romeo 6C Concept

Alfa Romeo 6C Concept

There's something about Alfa's past, which blends a rich racing heritage with some of the most beautiful and, arguably, better handling production cars ever made. Throw in the fact that, for the most part and unlike other Italian sports car makers, its vehicles were/are affordable to the masses, and you can see why its hard to turn a blind eye to the brand.

We're not trying to paint a beautiful picture of Alfa Romeo, as it’s no secret that for many decades, the Milanese company's cars were some of the most unreliable pieces of metal ever put together, while when Fiat took over in 1986, it diluted the brand almost beyond recognition.

Still, there's enough magic left in the name to inspire young designers like Alex Imnadaze and Ignacio Cuesta Grandío to imagine new products for the Italian carmaker, both of whom, prepared a sports coupe named 6C Concept.

We've already shown you Imnadaze's study, but Grandío, a design student at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain, told us about his own 6C Concept that you can see for yourself in the photos below.

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